Monday, April 30, 2012


Congratulation to our 2 Blog Winners..Congrats to Ms wulla Zabelin and Ms babette Upshaw for winning 5000L each. Look and check out their amazing blogs.

4th Anniversary Dress "Janet Brink"

Here is a picture of me in the Janet Brink Dress created by CWS for their 4th anniversary gift..

Top Model 2012 Final Event April 29, 2012

Came to today Top Model 2012 Final event with the 3 finalists.

Mr Reese Shawbridge 
Ms Sunrae Suntzu
Ms Janet Brink. 
I arrived at CWS along with my SL Daughter Wulla and I happen to see a very old and dear friend of mine MS Princess Nettle we sat down and talked for awhile waiting for the event to happen. She told me that she was thinking of being a model and said she been in love with CWS for awhile now. I told her Why not its fun Arnol and Steve have one if not only the best school in SL. 

Finally it started but with several announcement that were to be made.
First Arnol announce that CWS has been in SL for 4 years now and now waiting on the grand opening of it Third SIM. I know I can't hardly wait.  CWS is one of the best if not the best. Did I say that again? Well it so true. 
The lovely and sexy Ms Wildrose DJ the event LIVE. 
But first our judges

   ☆   1st Judge:  Ms Lillou Merlin  ☆
       ☆   2nd Judge: Ms Harleybeth28 Amoufhaz☆
            ☆ 3rd Judge: Ms  Sage Pixie ☆

Our First companion is Swimsuit Theme 1960's.  First up was Reese. Can someone say yummy. Very Beach Boy like . Gotta love a Surfer specially from the 60's.

Our Second Finialist was Ms Sunrae Suntza who was wearing the cutest little Itsy Bity Teeny winey Yellow pokadot bikini. So very 60's. I thought was very stylist but my computer didnt think so cause due to lovely Second life she wasnt rezzing in all that clearly. Remind me to buy a new computer for my birthday. So I took a picture of her picture. 

Our third model was Ms Janet Brink and she wore a classic 60's silver bikini which reminded me something out of James Bond. Actually my first thought was that we have a Bond Girl.

I have to admit due to Secondlife and the lovely Lag that we had I had lost my description of the first part of the show. 

While the Judges tally Scores we were entertained by the lovely CWS models who performed a dance number for us.
The dancers were

The Next Event was the Talent Contest and this where it got very laggy 

First up was Mr Reese Shawbridge who came on demonstrating Air .

Then I crashed. Gotta love second life.  took me a few get back and and as I was finally got to where i can see Ms Sunrae was finishing off her act. 
I was sorry that I missed it but Wulla said she did a great job and her outfit was outstanding.
Sadly I didn't get a picture.

Finally with my computer back on and everything rezzed I was in for a British Invasion by one Ms Janet Brink. She performed and dance to three songs beginning with the classic Beatles Song Yellow Submarine then Mellow Yellow and Here come the song. 

While the judges tally up their scores the Dancers from CWS Dancers with the Stars dances.
Here is a video where u can cast your votes to vote for your favorites. 
All three contestants dance for us during the judging

The dancers for Dancing with the Stars are
Nickle Sparrowtree and Didier Rascon Vote 1
Laci Rossini and Tiffani Celestalis Vote 2
 Lilmama Artis and Laylah Lecker Vote 3

Our In between entertainment

Finally we come to our Formal evening gown/ Suit even and it was the 1920 Theme.  I have to admit that ese stoled my heart again in that 1920's suit. Both Sundae and Janet Looked beautiful in the gowns that they wore. Breathtaking is all that I can say

As the came down the runway they were all asked a question by Ms Arnol Anthony.
Reese was asked

*Question* Do you consider yourself to be a giver or a taker? Why?
Reese Replied : hehhh give or taker i wonder if thats a gay ? well , hahah it have to be giver, there no way am gonan go for 2nd choice shudders

Ms Sundae was asked  
*Question* How far are you willing to push yourself?
Would you resort to unethical practices in order to win this pageant?Please Explain!
Ms Sandae replied I would much rather be called friend, than to be called famous, especially if it meant sacrificing my integrity. I choose my friends wisely and I want my friends to know they have chosen me wisely.

Ms Janet was asked
*Question* How far are you willing to push yourself?
Would you resort to unethical practices in order to win this pageant?Please Explain!

Ms Janet replied 
Well Anrol caught me out this time, one of my wonderful talent outfits was by Lillou Merlin, I wonder if this comes under unethical?
But joking aside, the minute I heard 'Yellow', I thought of that showgirl style costume that had been in my inventory for several months.I push myself to win thinking ahead and practicing, there is no reason for me to ever resort to unethical practices, I work far in advance of deadlines, have a great organized inventory, and shop all the time looking for that wonderful creative outfit that I might wear at this pageant or the next event.

Great answers to great questions and it had me wondering who should win. and for me I glad I not a judge cause its a very hard decision.

So after a few more dancing from the models and CWS Dancing with the Star

CWS Lovely Judges made their decision.

Before announcing the winners let me recap what the prizes are for today.
  • Ms Photogenic will win 5000 linden
  • Best Creative Talent will win 5000 Lindens
  • All finalists today are guaranteed 25,000 Linden as a reward for making it to the top three.
  • 1st Runner Up will win 50,000L
  • 100,000L will be awarded to the crown winner! Our Top Model 2012
Now to announce the winner of Ms Photgenic
goes to
Ms Sandae Suntzu
Best Creative Talent
Goes to 

Ms Janet Brink

The 2nd Runner Up will win 25,000L is  Mr Reese Shawbridge

Then Ms Anrol told the audience to look at the fireworks.
As we watch the fireworks spell out 
The winner was announced

And then I crashed so I wasn't able to take a picture of Ms Janet receiving the trophy for 
Top Model 2012
She won 100,000L for being crowned winner!

I came back on after my lovely computer did updates and all. I was given a lovely gift by Anrol. Ms Anrol announced right before the show
Free 4 years Anniversary Gown&Mini in Gold...Come and watch our Finale we are giving away 200,000L today @ 4:00 pm/slt. Anybody who will will watch the show will get a Free Anniversary Gown.
All and all today was a great day and I really enjoyed myself despite my computer problems
I hope to see myself up there as one of the top 3 and along side my SL Daughter Wulla. Talk about a mother and daughter team effort.
I want to thank her for helping me my blog due to my crashes.
I want to thank both Steve and Arnol for giving us this wonder venue to express our dreams.
If you would like to learn more about CWS please click here and you will be taken to Classic with Style Blog that will give your information on how you too can be a model..
Simple the BEST

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today at CWS Fashion Show

Today I went to CWS for they weekly fashion show and was very happy to attend. Today the show was for Fashion Designer Ania Lennie Fashion Ania Mode.
I have to say I want to get each and every one of the dresses that were shown. Although sadly to say the lovely graphics on my laptop decided to acted up so I could only see some of the dresses since none of the prims came in. But that didnt stop me from going to Fashion Ania Mode after the show. Here is the landmark to her store Fashion Ania Mode
Loved her dresses. even got the free gifts.:)

I have to admit one outfit did catch my eye. :) So when I read in chat:

Anrol Anthony announces: Now we have our CWS models in Barbara!  This style combines the soft romance of billowing chiffon with the alluring style of sheer lace creating a captivating look. As if floating on air, the elegant hand drawn print adorning Barbara complements the sheer lace bodice. A high leg slit creates a dreamy illusion of sensuality amid stunning elegance. Also included are delicate strappy heels. Available in colors such as Mauve, Red, and Turquoise, Barbara will have all eyes feasting on your beauty.
 This stunning empire waist is a vision of beauty. Rock this stunning Aqua dress at your next event!  Featuring a ruffled collar and decorated lacy bodice, the long skirt has layers of flexis that float delicately with your every move. Also included are the sheer patterned lace gloves and strappy heels. Barbara is the kind of dress that will stand out in any crowd. It's a must have ladies!

and your wondering why I like that outfit cause My RL name is Barbara and of course I had to run to Ania Mode and buy it.

Great prices too.

Here is a picture with me modeling the Dress..

I really enjoyed today fashion show at CWS .

Here are pictures from the show 
I sorry I couldnt get all the Dresses my graphic sucked today and normally its good...

The Lovely Ania Lenne Designer of Fashion Ania Mode

Today Showstopper for today's show 
Ms DebbieDoo Tigerfish wearing our Designer Bridal name after her.. Ms Ania
(Sadly Graphic card didnt come in I saw the dress at the store Simply Beautiful and the perfect wedding dress. If I decide to get married :) I know where I going. 

Please remember to stop and take a look around :)

CWS Super Model Laylah Lecker
CWS Super Model Ms  Lisana Rossen
CWS Super Model Vicky Yongbo
CWS Super  Model Ms Tiffani Celestalis
CWS Simply D' Best Model Mesange Acacia
CWS Simply D' Best Model Laci Rossini
CWS Simply D' Best Model LadySunfire Erin
CWS Simply D' Best Model Sidney Abbot
CWS Simply D' Best Model Laci Rossini
CWS Simply D' Best Model LadySunfire Erin
CWS Simply D' Best Model Sidney Abbot
CWS Super Model Nina Brianna
Show Stopper Model and COO of CWS Ms  DebbieDoo Tigerish ..

Hopefully after graduation I get to see my name on that list.

To learn more about being a model simple for here to 
CWS BLOG to learn more.

My First Eye On Fashion Blog

Ok I decided to redue my Eye of Fashion Blog and start it by saying in May I will be a student at University Classic with Style Modeling. I am every excited to be in the class. I had started a few years ago but Real life had taken me away from completing it and thank for I have Wulla who will also be in the class with me.

Last might I attending the April class Graduation and was very impress by the whole thing. ..
I cant wait to see myself up there next month. :)

I am in MS Universe contest. :)

This is Wulla and myself at a training session..